Saturday, 10 January 2015

Checklist For New Website

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Meta Title : Your title should be from 20 to 70 characters length. However up to 120 characters can be considered as correct.

Meta Description : Meta description should be from 100 to 160 characters length. However up to 200 characters can be considered as correct.

Meta Keyword : Keyword is not effective anymore .

H1 Tag : Search engines generally give this tag more weight over other headings, so it usually improves your search engine ranking when you use it correctly and in conjunction with other onsite SEO techniques.

Image ALT Tag : Give description of images.
<img alt=”payel seo blog picture"src=”https://payelseoblog.jpg” width=”558″ height=”389″ /></a>

Webmaster Tool: From here you can access all the major sections - Search Queries, Links to Your Site, Crawl Errors, Keywords, and Sitemaps. Clicking on any of these will open the respective section.

Google Analytics:  Its monitoring and analysing traffic on your website.It gives you an enormous amount of information about who is visiting your site, what they are looking for, and how they are getting to your site. Any business that wants to expand and grow their business on the internet should definitely be using Google Analytics.

Canonical Check: Whether open both www and without www . If Canonicalisation problem present link authority is being diluted.
<link rel="canonical" href=""/>

Robot.txt  : The robots.txt file instructs search engine robots by allowing or restricting access to selected folders and pages of your website.

SEO Friendly URL: Most important .

Unique title on each page

Check Domain Age

Check Page Rank

Check Site Link(Google)

Check Back Link(Google)

HTTP Header Check(200 | 301 | 302) : Most common HTTP status codes and what you need to know about it to help you in doing SEO:

200 OK
    A good URL should always return 200. This means that the browser found the URL and the server returns a good content page.

301 Moved Permanently
    To move a page(or entire website), always use 301 redirects for good SEO. This tells Google to follow the new website, transfering all the backlinks received by the old page to the new page. Make your 301 status redirects from .htaccess (using RewriteRule ... [R=301,L]) or PHP header(...)

302 Found
    A lot of redirects are done like this. They are bad redirects for SEO. Use 301 redirects instead.

404 Not Found
    It can be good to see what pages return 404 and fix them (either create that page or 301 redirect it).
Check your website here :

W3C Validation : Check through this website:

Create custom 404 error page

XML Sitemap : The sitemap.xml file should contain a list of all pages of your website that need to be indexed by search engines.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

25 google adward Do's which will increase your business leads

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Business leads, Google adwards, PPC,
1. Don't send all users to your home page .

2. Don't try to outbid your competitors. There is always going to be someone who has a larger budget than you.

3. Target prospective clients matching their search queries with relevant advertising messages .

4. Testing and optimizing your page can increase revenue, donations, leads, registrations, downloads, and user generated content, while providing teams with valuable insight about their visitors.

5. Create eye catching ads that are appropriate to the consumer.

6. Utilize the Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

7. Utilize Conversion Tracking:This means you will be capable of seeing precisely what your return on investment or ROI is for each AdWords ads and keywords, and which traffic sources are valuable.

8. Organize Keywords Into themed Ad Groups
When the ads are more relevant to the audience, it will give extra benefit to you.Your click-through rate (CTR) will increase,higher CTRs help your Quality Score, which in turn will lead to lower click costs for the same position.

9.Make perfect landing page that immediately shows your customer what they are looking for.Landing page optization is major serious issue in case of PPC. Optimize the landing page of your website for Quality Score purposes and categorically optimize it for conversion rate.

10.Use Geographic targeting when adjust your bids it never waste your click value.

11. Don’t choose the keywords to target only on the basis of search volume it means do not depend on too much on generic keywords. When your ad copy is shown for generic keywords it could appear to be less related to the actual search query than a phrase or exact match.

12. Make faultless landing page.You may not be getting many conversions because your landing page is at fault.

13. your advertisements are not running because your keywords are not looked for, but you do not need to shell out very much attention to this. You need to concentrate on the words that you know your target prospective clients are going to type into Google.

14. Do not write your ads to try to entice as many visitors as possible. See the below example
Ex: If someone is searching for gray color cotton cloths  from US, and you’ve written a generic ad targeting all sorts of cloths even though you only sell woolen cloths, your ad will give the wrong impression to many viewers and they would be clicking and visiting your site and they’ll hang about for about 14 seconds until they realize that you don’t offer what they’re after.  This create negative impact into your site, your  money gone from your Adward account  as well as  don’t get a lead from this click.

15. You should be testing all elements of your account such as ad copy, target keywords, landing pages

16. Edit ad text, pause ineffective keywords, implement A/B testing, etc. If campaigns run on their own, they’re destined for trouble and money is bound to be wasted.

17. Implement new negative keywords through  analysis the market.

18. conduct A/B landing page tests. Try sending people to a product page versus a search result page within that same website. See which page converts better. If only one landing page is being tested, it’ll never be determined if another page has the potential to convert better.

19.Don't use only broad match . Google defaults to Broad Match–which generally works in their favor, not yours. It’s best to test phrase & exact match as well so it can be determined which match type performs better.

20. Rotate ads .

22. Take Advantage of Ad Extensions .

23. Connect Adwords to Your Google Analytic Account .It help you to analyze your AdWords campaign data directly within your Google Analytics dashboard and see how an AdWords visitor affects your overall website activity.

25.Select right network to post your ad ,you should manually "opt out" of having your search keywords run on Google's Display Network–especially if you want to preserve your budget exclusively for Search.

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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Roles of Online Marketing

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Now days to the success of your business todays online marketing is must, Here I like to share the tips and tricks that make some campaigns succeed and others fail.
4 Categories  of online marketing   :

Search Engine Presence (SEO & Adwords)
Social Media Presence (Twitter, Facebook,Pinterest)
Promotion (E-mail Marketing & Advertising)
Building good quality Backlinks & connections.

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Outstanding Contribution Of Power Point Presentation in SEO

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Make Power point presentation & submit it into various PPT submission site

SEO is fast evolving  into a more creative and challenging profession and PPT submission is like any other SEO activity. We prefer PPT submission because the goal would be to gain backlinks through that distribution. There are lot of websites which allow to provide do follow also.If you have any PPT on any topic related to your websites niche, you can promote that PPT for your websites. PPT is one of the best way of viral internet marketing process. PPT submission is not only cooperative to develop backlinks but furthermore ppt submission can develop huge traffic and ranking.By doing this we will easily reach our customers by representing our products in a more interactive way.

For good presentation make your presentation a story,try to share your story visually will appropriate title,and eye catching image on it.Here I share some basic rules through which toy can make a good PPT


1. Use easy to digest format ,put proper image size.

2.Use a larger font when writing .

3.Put links throughout your article

4.Put interesting &  attractive  title.

5.Put keyword in heading hyperlink keyword in body part.

6.Write a resource box .

7.Coloring heading.   

8.Put images,keyword within your Power point presentation.

9. Save presentation with (-) between two word like Enagagement-Rings.pptx

10.Try to share more visual effect.

Through Power point presentation create  pinterest graphics and gain traffic

Trough Power point you can create eye catching pinterest  and your blog  graphics .You can make click-worthy images for your pins just follow these simple steps:

1.First open up Microsoft Paint and color the background.

2.Copy it into power point background.

3.Add word art,images,text box on it.

4.Choose necessary color and fonts.

5.Placed the killer title with bold font.

6.Check the graphics if there is any spelling mistakes  present or not?

7.Copy & paste graphic from PowerPoint into Microsoft Paint.

8.Save the graphics and start to promote it on your blog ,tumbler, Pinterest,  Google+ account.
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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

List of free SEO Tools

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SEO tools assist you in configuring your website(s) for search engine optimization. So, here I listed some awesome online SEO tools. I frequently use this tools hope you also will be  benefited from this tool.

1.Onpage Site Information Tool :

The best tool I ever see for onpage recommendation are :

2.Backlink Anchor Text Analysis :

This tool help you determine the link text used by your backlinks to link to your wesbite.

3.Meta Tags Generator :

META Tags are used by most major search engines to index websites based on their keywords and
descriptions. It is very important to use META Tags
as well as a good TITLE if you expect to be found in most search engines.

3.Backlink checker tool online :

This tool will give you a summary of your competitors backlinks.

4.Keyword Density Checker tool online :

This tool will crawl the specified URL, extract text as a search engine would, remove common 
stop words and displays the density of your keywords.

5.Redirect checker online :

It is import that a search engine is able to follow any redirects that you may have set up. 
This tool helps you determine whether the redirect you have created is search engine friendly.

6.Reciprocal Link Check :

It determines the anchor text used by your link partners to link to your website.

7.Online Cloaking Checker tool :

This tools tries to detect whether a website is 'cloaking' it's contents for search engines.

8.Domain Age checker Tool :

Older domains may get a slight edge in search engine rankings. This tool displays the approximate
age of a website on the Internet and allows you to view how the website looked when it first
started. It also helps you find out the age of your competitor's domains.

9.Keyword Suggestions Tool :

It’s a keyword tool.This tool will help you determine relevant and popular keywords related to 
your website. Here you enter a word or phrase and you find more competitive keyword which you will select for your site.

10.Alexa Rank Check :

You can check Alexa traffic rankings  for you and your competitors.

11. Server header checker for a Webpage :

This tools allow you to inspect the HTTP headers that the web server returns when requesting a URL

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Friday, 19 July 2013

Pinterest: Useful Utility, Can Gererate Traffic To Your Website.

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Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard. Once registered on Pinterest you simply create Boards and then you start pinning websites on your boards.I feel Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.Recently I register into pinterest and start create my favorite boards after that create pins in this way I can share my craft design with my followers and best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people also save other’s craft design procedure.

I think Pinterest is great option because I choose to save or bookmark my favorite pin. It’s gives a secret board option so you and friends can pin items on a board that isn’t visible to the public. That is a great idea for those who are gathering images for a project that may be secret.
Now come to the point why pinterest is Good for business Pinterest is also a social tool – means  to follow other people's boards and have them follow yours. I like following specific boards .I mainly follow SEO,Travelling,craft boards that appeal to me. When someone create a board and insert various images from his or her own site or from own blog and also put the URL into specified places that’s why they make the images hyperlinked.And that is why the site will continue to have exponentially more page views: Users return back each time  to continue pin images or useful images. For successful business if  pin linked to a commerce page. Those clicks could wind up also becoming a purchase.I think through pinterest Social media has accelerated the introduction of new products and brands.

You can also use Pinterest to organize your’s favourite websites as I do same for SEO related websites. All I need to do is "pin" a website that I like. Recently, it was the 3rd most popular social media platform behind Facebook and Twitter.Pinterest is also driving more referral traffic to websites than other social media like : Facebook and Twitter,YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn. Pinterest can be an easy way to start connecting your products with the Hispanic audience.This fast-growing network provides an opportunity that lies between social bragging and utility.

For all these reasons above, Pinterest will always be in my heart , the most useful social media tool.

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