Wednesday, 19 February 2014

25 google adward Do's which will increase your business leads

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1. Don't send all users to your home page .

2. Don't try to outbid your competitors. There is always going to be someone who has a larger budget than you.

3. Target prospective clients matching their search queries with relevant advertising messages .

4. Testing and optimizing your page can increase revenue, donations, leads, registrations, downloads, and user generated content, while providing teams with valuable insight about their visitors.

5. Create eye catching ads that are appropriate to the consumer.

6. Utilize the Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

7. Utilize Conversion Tracking:This means you will be capable of seeing precisely what your return on investment or ROI is for each AdWords ads and keywords, and which traffic sources are valuable.

8. Organize Keywords Into themed Ad Groups
When the ads are more relevant to the audience, it will give extra benefit to you.Your click-through rate (CTR) will increase,higher CTRs help your Quality Score, which in turn will lead to lower click costs for the same position.

9.Make perfect landing page that immediately shows your customer what they are looking for.Landing page optization is major serious issue in case of PPC. Optimize the landing page of your website for Quality Score purposes and categorically optimize it for conversion rate.

10.Use Geographic targeting when adjust your bids it never waste your click value.

11. Don’t choose the keywords to target only on the basis of search volume it means do not depend on too much on generic keywords. When your ad copy is shown for generic keywords it could appear to be less related to the actual search query than a phrase or exact match.

12. Make faultless landing page.You may not be getting many conversions because your landing page is at fault.

13. your advertisements are not running because your keywords are not looked for, but you do not need to shell out very much attention to this. You need to concentrate on the words that you know your target prospective clients are going to type into Google.

14. Do not write your ads to try to entice as many visitors as possible. See the below example
Ex: If someone is searching for gray color cotton cloths  from US, and you’ve written a generic ad targeting all sorts of cloths even though you only sell woolen cloths, your ad will give the wrong impression to many viewers and they would be clicking and visiting your site and they’ll hang about for about 14 seconds until they realize that you don’t offer what they’re after.  This create negative impact into your site, your  money gone from your Adward account  as well as  don’t get a lead from this click.

15. You should be testing all elements of your account such as ad copy, target keywords, landing pages

16. Edit ad text, pause ineffective keywords, implement A/B testing, etc. If campaigns run on their own, they’re destined for trouble and money is bound to be wasted.

17. Implement new negative keywords through  analysis the market.

18. conduct A/B landing page tests. Try sending people to a product page versus a search result page within that same website. See which page converts better. If only one landing page is being tested, it’ll never be determined if another page has the potential to convert better.

19.Don't use only broad match . Google defaults to Broad Match–which generally works in their favor, not yours. It’s best to test phrase & exact match as well so it can be determined which match type performs better.

20. Rotate ads .

22. Take Advantage of Ad Extensions .

23. Connect Adwords to Your Google Analytic Account .It help you to analyze your AdWords campaign data directly within your Google Analytics dashboard and see how an AdWords visitor affects your overall website activity.

25.Select right network to post your ad ,you should manually "opt out" of having your search keywords run on Google's Display Network–especially if you want to preserve your budget exclusively for Search.

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