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Outstanding Contribution Of Power Point Presentation in SEO

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Make Power point presentation & submit it into various PPT submission site

SEO is fast evolving  into a more creative and challenging profession and PPT submission is like any other SEO activity. We prefer PPT submission because the goal would be to gain backlinks through that distribution. There are lot of websites which allow to provide do follow also.If you have any PPT on any topic related to your websites niche, you can promote that PPT for your websites. PPT is one of the best way of viral internet marketing process. PPT submission is not only cooperative to develop backlinks but furthermore ppt submission can develop huge traffic and ranking.By doing this we will easily reach our customers by representing our products in a more interactive way.

For good presentation make your presentation a story,try to share your story visually will appropriate title,and eye catching image on it.Here I share some basic rules through which toy can make a good PPT


1. Use easy to digest format ,put proper image size.

2.Use a larger font when writing .

3.Put links throughout your article

4.Put interesting &  attractive  title.

5.Put keyword in heading hyperlink keyword in body part.

6.Write a resource box .

7.Coloring heading.   

8.Put images,keyword within your Power point presentation.

9. Save presentation with (-) between two word like Enagagement-Rings.pptx

10.Try to share more visual effect.

Through Power point presentation create  pinterest graphics and gain traffic

Trough Power point you can create eye catching pinterest  and your blog  graphics .You can make click-worthy images for your pins just follow these simple steps:

1.First open up Microsoft Paint and color the background.

2.Copy it into power point background.

3.Add word art,images,text box on it.

4.Choose necessary color and fonts.

5.Placed the killer title with bold font.

6.Check the graphics if there is any spelling mistakes  present or not?

7.Copy & paste graphic from PowerPoint into Microsoft Paint.

8.Save the graphics and start to promote it on your blog ,tumbler, Pinterest,  Google+ account.

By Payel Sarkar
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