Friday, 19 July 2013

Pinterest: Useful Utility, Can Gererate Traffic To Your Website.

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Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard. Once registered on Pinterest you simply create Boards and then you start pinning websites on your boards.I feel Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.Recently I register into pinterest and start create my favorite boards after that create pins in this way I can share my craft design with my followers and best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people also save other’s craft design procedure.

I think Pinterest is great option because I choose to save or bookmark my favorite pin. It’s gives a secret board option so you and friends can pin items on a board that isn’t visible to the public. That is a great idea for those who are gathering images for a project that may be secret.
Now come to the point why pinterest is Good for business Pinterest is also a social tool – means  to follow other people's boards and have them follow yours. I like following specific boards .I mainly follow SEO,Travelling,craft boards that appeal to me. When someone create a board and insert various images from his or her own site or from own blog and also put the URL into specified places that’s why they make the images hyperlinked.And that is why the site will continue to have exponentially more page views: Users return back each time  to continue pin images or useful images. For successful business if  pin linked to a commerce page. Those clicks could wind up also becoming a purchase.I think through pinterest Social media has accelerated the introduction of new products and brands.

You can also use Pinterest to organize your’s favourite websites as I do same for SEO related websites. All I need to do is "pin" a website that I like. Recently, it was the 3rd most popular social media platform behind Facebook and Twitter.Pinterest is also driving more referral traffic to websites than other social media like : Facebook and Twitter,YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn. Pinterest can be an easy way to start connecting your products with the Hispanic audience.This fast-growing network provides an opportunity that lies between social bragging and utility.

For all these reasons above, Pinterest will always be in my heart , the most useful social media tool.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Why On page SEO optimization matter and how you do it

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On page optimization is a technique to optimize a website within the web page that generate traffic.

The main motto of Google Penguin update is to improve their users’ search experience. And after recent update it is really very clear that if you have good on page structure than Google will obviously take of your site. If your site have proper navigation, quality content, less keyword stuffing, proper meta tag description then your site’s never penalized. Its SERP increase. Now days SEO become more tactful here 70% on page optimization and 20% is off page optimization occur.

On page SEO Techniques : Unique Content,Keywords,Title tags, Meta tags, Meta Description, Alt tags, Friendly URL, Internal Linking, External Links, Anchor Text, Sitemaps Submit, Proper Use of Robot.txt, Web Page Loading Speed, Website Analysis, create sitemap.html , sitemap.xml , robots.txt ,customize 404  error page , Remember no nasty surprises like redirects or unexpected popups.So, in this way you can make your landing page more attractive, user-friendly and authentic in eye’s of Google.

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SEO Never Die Just Apply Some Basic Tricks

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As long as search exists, if marketing is not going on still it also stands to reason that there will be two groups of people:
(1) People who want to find things like customer or user  and
(2) People who want to be found like business owner.
 but for every search there will be some entity who wants to have a prominent position in that search result. But now days I think the search engine of the future is going to focus even more on big brands and big personalities, which is too bad.Now days famous search engine like Google also focused on how to generate money so that's why add more space for PPC.May be after some months Google first page totally occupy by PPC and its quite obvious that Google generate more money from it.But question is that is user go with this tactics or follow another search engine. The challenge for Google isn't to figure out how to collate and organize an unlimited amount of data: it's to figure out how to keep their search engine from being dominated by big budgets.
I feel if you follow these rules you can make a user and SEO friendly website and also gain traffic.
1.One URL per Page.

2.Keep Colors and Sizes Together.

3.Meta Describe the Page use approximately 150 character long meta description that includes the keywords you’re aiming for.

4.Every page on a site should have a unique,accurate title .

5.Improve the structure of your URLs.

6.Use words in URLs.

7.Proper use of H1 tag place keyword within it but never over optimize.

8.Make your site easier to navigate.

9.Meaning full Alt tag.

10. Use unique descriptions for each page.

11.Write better anchor text.

12.Supply an Image Sitemap file.

13.To a Picture, Everything’s Meta Data. Use your chance to meta data pictures wisely.

14.Should proper page load time.

15. Prepare two sitemaps: one for users(HTML site map), one for search engines(XML site map).

16.Try to include your primary keyword within the first sentence or two and also within the    last paragraph.

17.Publish Content on Quality Sources.

18. Distribute and Promote Content through Social Media.

19.Make effective use of robots.txt. 

Originally, the nofollow attribute appeared in the page-level meta tag, and instructed search engines not to follow (i.e., crawl) any outgoing links on the page. For example:

 <meta name="robots" content="nofollow" />

Be aware of rel="no follow" for links.Instead of telling search engines and bots not to follow any links on the page, it lets you easily instruct robots not to crawl a specific link. For example:

 <a href="signin.php" rel="nofollow">sign in</a>

20.Have a useful 404 page.
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